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Spring or summer?

I was going to say these new necklaces were spring colors, but I realized one of them makes me think of summer!  You’ll have to decided for yourself….  Either way the colors in both of these necklaces are just so fresh!

First up an Aquamarine and Larimar necklace.  The one thing I discovered about larimar is that it is very hard to photograph.  I thought it would be nice to do some “in process” shots, but the camera just didn’t seem to want to focus on the larimar!  So, here it is in it’s entirety….

Aquamarine and larimar necklace.
Aquamarine and larimar necklace.
Goodness, I love the color in this necklace.
Goodness, I love the color in this necklace.

The next one seems more spring-like to me.  Or maybe more accurately, it’s what I’m hoping spring will bring soon!

Etched butterfly with a pink spinel, pearls and peridot.
Etched butterfly with a pink spinel, pearls and peridot.

new jewellery ap27 pics8

new jewellery ap27 pics9

I realized that I should have said a post or two ago, that if you see something you like but can’t come to the upcoming shows, then just send me an email!  As well, most of the pieces I’ve posted recently are one of a kind, so if you are in love you should speak up!

In other news, I fell off the horse yesterday in my lesson and hurt my calf.  I think I tore the/a calf muscle.  You wouldn’t think a leg injury would interfere with bench work, but I’m still supposed to be elevating it and icing it.  I’m hoping that by Monday I’ll be more functional!   I have a beautiful lapis and sodalite necklace on the go which I would like to finish before the May 9th show – I have high hopes.

Hope you are well!



Still here!

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.  I’ve just been playing with gemstones.  Boy is that fun, I mean FUN – ’cause of course it’s all about color! I have a lot of colored stones in my collection (which I’ve mentioned before – the teensy hoarding problem, an occupational hazard).  I really… Continue Reading

Show time!

It’s that time of year again, when I’m gearing up for shows!  This spring, I will be in three shows:  Thorold Arts and Crafts Show (May 9), Artfest Port Credit (May 29-30), and Heirlooms Arts Market (June 20).  This means I have to be a busy little beaver in the studio! It seems the pearls… Continue Reading

Going to Spring…

We were in Victoria last week, visiting spring.  As the saying goes, if spring doesn’t come to you – you go to it!  Here is a little photo trip for you, in case you haven’t seen any or much of spring yet.  Lots of towns like to claim they are the flower city, but Victoria… Continue Reading