Monthly Archives: January 2014

Valentine’s Day hearts!

I know, it probably seems a little early to be thinking of Valentine’s Day – but it’s only 4 weeks away!!!  It’s time to put the thinking cap on!  What would your sweetheart like? Valentine’s day is one of the few “special days” that I really enjoy.  None of the other “days” (Easter, Thanksgiving) amuse… Continue Reading

Emotions – Fury to Joy, my pieces

Better late than never must be my motto!!  I realized after I posted an album on facebook of the pieces (plus the production work that came as a result of the bigger pieces), that I haven’t shown my pieces for our group show here.  I did post about the show itself here, and a sneak… Continue Reading

What’s inspiring you this January?

Normally, I can find inspiration pretty much anywhere.  But, I’ve got to honest I don’t find the depths of winter very inspiring.  Especially in Ontario – too much of the same color (gray/brown) and not enough sun and outside time!! So this is an instance where I look to my collection(s) and make my own… Continue Reading

Cheapside hoard on display

Have you heard of the Cheapside hoard?  To be honest, I hadn’t until I took the “History of Jewellery” course as part of my Jewellery Arts diploma.  I think the name is funny which makes it very memorable to me! But, why are you mentioning this now, you ask??  Well, because the Museum of London… Continue Reading

Gemstones – Amethyst

Ah, purple!  I love purple, which is why I’m a little surprised that I don’t have more amethyst in my collection. Amethyst is in the quartz family, and it is colored by iron impurities.  Amethyst can be found in a variety of purple shades, from a rosy lavender to a deep purple with magenta highlights. … Continue Reading

Color wheel!

I’m always going on about color and how much I enjoy it – especially when it comes to enamels or beading or gemstones….. well, actually, for everything!  I have met quite a few people, though, who have told me they struggle with picking colors and making them work together. At first, when I was learning… Continue Reading