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Offering up stones….

Yep, I’m still going on about my gemstones!

If you came to my open studio last November you may recall I had some (note the word “some”!) of my gemstones there in case someone wanted a custom piece made from them.  That’s is how Nicolle got her lapis earrings!

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking, for some time, to offer up a few of my stones on etsy for a custom ring or pendant.  The hard part has been getting good photos of them.  I finally put Scott on the job – and he came through!

I’ve selected these five:

Here they are all together!  Aren't they cute!
Here they are all together! Aren’t they cute!

There are two blue Crazy lace agates and two Dendritic agates to choose from.  As you know I’m a little crazy about agates, as evidenced here.  I’ve held myself in tight rein lately, so the agates in the collection aren’t too disproportionate!  The agates here have such nice pattern and color.  I have to admit that my crush on Crazy lace agate has been replaced by the Dendritic agates.  I know – I’m so fickle….

Here are some closer views of these great stones:
stone 2

stone 3

stone 4

stone 5

Finally, I have included a nice, “flashy” Labradorite.  This stone has some nice flash in it.  Oddly, I hardly ever design/make anything with Labradorite, but it is one of my favorite stones.  I have a very well loved ring that I bought years before jewellery school with a square Labradorite cabochon.  This cabachon will also make a nice ring – you need the movement of a hand to really show off the “labradorescence”.  Because you need the movement, it is very hard to photograph – you can see it looks a little different in each photo based on how it was lit.

stone 1

If you are interested in a custom piece here is the shop listing!

Hope you are well


Fun at the bench!

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Inner beauty

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