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Some flowery goodness…

My little fuchsia - giving us an extra show this fall.
My little fuchsia – giving us an extra show this fall.

This is the first year I broke down and bought a fuchsia to try in a pot.  I really like fuchsias, but I’ve been spoiled by the fuchsias that everyone (and I mean everyone) grows in Victoria.  They’re over the top, lush and blowsy, full of blooms and leaves.  How could a fuchsia compete in Ontario?  Well, maybe it doesn’t – but there’s no competition here, just enjoyment.  I’m very happy with this plant and the extra effort it’s going to!

If you want to try this one out next summer, it is called “Stand-up Red/White”.

Hope you still are enjoying the flowers!


Custom collaboration for a runway show!

All custom work is a collaboration, which is what makes it so interesting.  When you decide to have a custom piece made for you, you have the opportunity to infuse the piece of jewellery with personal meaning.  Sometimes, though the collaboration is of a different nature. Early this year, Amanda Henderson (of Jewelust) and myself… Continue Reading