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It’s back! The Creative Color Challenge!

Yes, it’s back!  I was excited to see, at the beginning of March, that Louise had revived the Creative Color Challenge.  There was a delay getting started this year, because she moved to Spain!  So, she had other more immediate challenges to deal with.

This month the colors were pink and yellow.  She used some peppers and the bowl they were in as the inspiration – which is kind of fun!  Of course, if you’ve been following along with my adventures with these color challenges, you know that pink and yellow are not my “go to’ colors.  I guess that is the challenge.

I used the challenge as an excuse (as if I need one) to play with some of the new enamel colors I have.  I decided to add to my “Colors of white’ line of enamels.  Although the pink and yellow are not on the same piece – that would be too much for me!

The pinks – “geranium” and “rose pink”:

The pink set - they are so cute!
The pink set – they are so cute!

The yellows – “soft” and “egg”:

I find the yellows to always be a surprise!  I really like how these turned out - in some light they almost look amber.
I find the yellows to always be a surprise! I really like how these turned out – in some light they almost look amber.

Finally, I couldn’t resist lining them up like Easter eggs (in case you missed them on facebook):

gr yel pink domes crop

As usual, the color challenge was fun.  You can pop over here to see what the other artists came up with.  I can’t wait to see the next color challenge!



Project Feederwatch

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The first flower of spring 2013!

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The Sketchbook Project!

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