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Creative Color Challenge – wood and woodgrain

Yes, I’m on track this month!!  Louise’s creative color challenge for the month of October was what she referred to as “natural tones” – specifically wood, and adding a pattern such as woodgrain.

At first, I thought I would make something from the remaining pieces of boxwood that I have left over from my “Knock on Wood” necklace.  I did hum and haw for awhile, and think up a couple of nice ideas – but I was feeling pressed for time due to my upcoming open studio.  The designs I thought of would have taken more time than I had, to test first, and then make.

I realized I was putting unrealistic pressure on myself (for a fun challenge), and that I had a perfectly good design already sketched out for both woodgrain and a natural toned jasper cabochan from my collection!  What luck!

So, with out further ado – I made it:

Here is the finished design! I just love that piece of jasper - and I wish I remembered where I bought it from (I want more...!!). See the fun roller-printed wood grain on the sterling!
This is the back, I wanted to open it up to give opportunity to light up the stone.
Because, if you get a chance to hold the stone up to the sun - this is what you see! Gorgeous honey color with caramel swirls. (Sounds like I've gotten into the Halloween candy....)
Here's one last look at the whole piece - I'm really happy with how it turned out!

As usual, I’m looking forward to Louise’s next challenge!  Although, the challenge might be fitting it in to the schedule!

Hope you are keeping dry on this rainy day (Ontario is feeling like Vancouver Island…)


In Other News…..

As promised…. the news round -up! 1.  YES! It’s that time of year again, for my Christmas Show!  This year it is on the weekend of November 24 and 25 (11 am to 5 pm both days).  I am SO excited! I’ve been working away making new work for the show!  So far, stones and… Continue Reading