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Instead, I went and bought gemstones…

Yes, today is the 28th of the month, the day I should be posting for the Creative Color Challenge.  However, I had some technical difficulties along the way.  So, I’m going to be late with my homework!  It’s too bad too, because I have the enamel colors picked out and waiting!  Once my Sister’s in law move on from visiting us, I hope to finish it by next Friday!

So instead, I went gem shopping.  This weekend is the Ancaster Gem and Mineral Show, one of my favorites!  I always find WAY too many pretty stones to buy.  I did restrain myself this year though, and stuck (more or less) to the budget.  I also tried harder this year not to buy the same stones I’m always attracted to.  Although I think I had mixed success on that front!

I go to the same dealers every year, because I like them and I like the quality and type of stones they have.  They tend to have some different and unusual stones; and as a bonus they may have unusual cuts too!

A nice set of stones from Jewellery Jamboree Gems - (l to r) - amber, aquamarine, amazonite, sunstone. I didn't have my loupe with me at the show, so I didn't notice until now that the amber has insects in it!!! How great is that!
The gemstones I got from Alpine Gems - (l to r) blue sapphire, hackmanite, aquamarine, and two tourmalines. It is very hard to photograph - but you can just see the pink tone in the hackmanite which only shows in certain wavelengths! Very cool.


The stones I got from Nikmak - (l to r) - ruby, natural black diamond, and charoite.
natural black diamond
A close up to show the great planes on this natural black diamond. I may use this little fella as part of a piece for a show; or if I don't I may turn it into a ring!

This gem show is definitely worth checking out – they have fossils, beads, gems, cabachons, rocks, specimens, and jewellery!  One of the things I particularly like about this show is it’s size – it is manageable.  You’re not exhausted after looking at the booths.  There are also good educational displays for kids and adults.  Most importantly to me, there is a small snack/lunch area – so you can fortify yourself for more shopping!

I will be back at the end of next week – either with my enamel completed or a sorry tale of woe…

Until then,


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