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Creative Color Challenge – tranquil blues

This month’s challenge was blue – specifically, tranquil blues.  Louise (the originator of the challenge) is traveling in Australia, so she used one of her photographs of a beautiful bay as her inspiration for the color challenge.

Blue has always been a favorite color of mine, so there wasn’t a lot of humming and hawing (like there was with the orange in January!).  As well, the ocean is a big source of inspiration for me, so I used Louise’s photo as a direct inspiration for my piece.

I decided it was time to get the beads out (it’s been a long time!).  I bead embroidered a warm sea scene and made a brooch: “Reflecting Pool”.  It really was fun, “painting with beads” as my friend calls it!  I’ve had the paua shell for some time so I was happy to finally find the piece it belonged to!

bead embroidered brooch
Reflecting pool bead embroidered brooch.

Now, because I like blue so much I decided to make two brooches in response to this challenge.  It certainly helps that I seem to have quite a variety of blue beads!

My next bead embroidered brooch is about the “Night Sky”.  I had a small dichroic cabochon that just seemed to be like an astral body to me – so it became a star!

bead embroidered brooch
Night Sky bead embroidered brooch.

I really enjoyed working with my beads again – there are just so many beautiful colors to play with!

Hope you are well – maybe lounging by a tranquil blue sea….


Go buy some jewellery!!!

Once again, the George Brown College Craft Show Management class has organized the annual “Spring Show and Sale”! This year it seems like they’ve pulled out all the stops – there is a preview party which involves snacks and a gift with each purchase!  The preview is this Friday, March 23 from 5 pm to… Continue Reading

The week that was…

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Gemstones – Charoite

I realized when I wrote the previous post that I hadn’t had a chance to tell you about the gemstone that I set in the pendant. It is Charoite, which is not a stone you see in jewellery very often.  It is considered a rare mineral and only found in a very specific area in… Continue Reading