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Happy Halloween!

Yes, I love Halloween!  This year there are going to be 6 carved pumpkins (which reminds me – I have 2 left to do!).  Really, all the excitement is for me, since we usually get zero to ten kids here.  Our street has mostly people without children at home – so that equals a quiet Halloween!  But I still like trying to bring the Halloween spirit here!

halloween "headless" man
On our front porch - the headless man awaits. You can see he's friendly!
carved pumpkin
There's something slightly odd about a pumpkin next to a cactus!!
carved cat face pumpkin
I think my cat pumpkin turned out rather well!
carved pumpkin
This is the pumpkin Scott carved!


Hope you have a fun Halloween!

boo sign
Halloween in Stauton, Virginia.



Gemstones – Plume Agate

My goodness I love this stone!!  But I only have a couple plume agates in my collection (not to worry, I do have all sorts  of other agates though!). Agates are classified as chalcedony (which is slightly confusing because there are a bunch of other gemstones that are also chalcedony, including – chalcedony!!).  Agates are… Continue Reading

The milkweed have finally burst

You may noticed that I am inspired by nature, in particular my garden.  It is an ongoing project, that for many years was my creative outlet.  It makes me happy to know that from a barren grass wasteland I now have flowers blooming from February to November (quite a feat in Ontario – even if… Continue Reading

Gemstones – Adventures with Aventurine!

I know, corny… but I couldn’t resist! Another installment of “making my way through my stone collection”.  This time I thought I’d talk about aventurine, since I just finished working with a nice biggish cabachon of it! Aventurine is a form of quartz that has small inclusions that can give it a sparkly look.  That… Continue Reading