Monthly Archives: September 2011

Hitchin’ a ride

I must have disturbed the perch of my new friend although I didn’t notice until I felt something climbing up my arm… This mantis seemed a bit more sluggish than others I’ve come across in the garden.  I recall them being more on guard.  We had a large one, a few years ago, park itself… Continue Reading

Memorial chalk graffiti

Another photo heavy post.  The chalk messages at City Hall.  I tried to wean it down to the most representative and some humorous messages – it was difficult! Here we go: And tucked behind one of the flower laden planters near the temporary memorial people had built I found this: Anyway, hope you are well. … Continue Reading

Jack Layton’s funeral

This will be a photo heavy post, but here a few words to start… I wanted to post about this because it was a unique experience that I found to be very powerful.  Of course, there was a lot of pomp and ceremony that goes with a state funeral; but there also was a real… Continue Reading