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The Big Guy’s Coffee Shop & Artisan’s Market/Store

Well, the week that was.  Last week seemed to be a humdinger.  I was definitely thrown for a loop when I found out that Jack Layton had died, on Monday.  I’ll post about that tomorrow.

The exciting thing that happened last week is: I have some pieces at The Big Guy’s Coffee Shop & Artisan’s Market/Store!!

I had the opportunity to meet Marion, who is the curator for the artisan’s market at the coffee shop, at the Bloorcourt Street Fair.  She suggested they may be able to take some work into their shop in Etobicoke.  So, I chose some items of beaded jewellery that I thought would fit in with their prices range and met with Marion at the shop on Thursday.  Because Marion is an artisan herself, she understands how difficult it can be to find appropriate shows or venues to sell your work.

The shop is a nice neighborhood coffee shop and it has a whole section set aside for the artisan market – maybe a quarter of the whole shop!  There is a nice range of items there and everything was well priced.

On top of it – they make good coffee!  I had a latte when I was there and it didn’t break the bank!  I’m not the only one who thinks so… here’s a review.

Anyway, the upshot is I left a selection of pieces with Marion – necklaces, bracelets and rings.  Here are a few of the items you will find there:

wirework necklace
Wirework "Squiggles" necklace - now at The Big Guy's Coffee Shop in Etobicoke!
beaded bracelet
"Urban Tribal" bracelet - now at The Big Guy's Coffee Shop in Etobicoke!
beaded bracelet
Diamond stitch bracelet - now at The Big Guy's Coffee Shop in Etobicoke!

If you are in the area of 2861 Lakeshore Blvd W (Lakeshore W and Fifth) check out The Big Guy’s Coffee Shop!


Gemstones – Rhyolite

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