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Ring for irregular situations – grad show part 3

I’ve been trying to beat the rain and get some work done out in the garden for the last two days.  Yesterday, I was able to tidy up the top level of the garden before the rain came.  Today I had to watch the skies and get out quickly before each thunderstorm!  I did manage to move some Little Bluestem grasses this morning – one was very heavy.  I hadn’t really anticipated that a grass would be that heavy – a little unplanned weight lifting!   In the afternoon, after the sun had been out for a couple of hours and before the next thunderous downpour, I managed to to lay down step stones that eventually lead to the bird feeder area!

In other news, the show at Harbourfront still still going on!  One of the rings I made last year (in 2nd year) was selected to be in the show.

We had to design a ring for an occasion – I picked cocktail ring.  Along the way, my friend Wendy, saw my models and said it looked like it should be for “rake’s progress”.  As I researched “Rakes Progress” I found that it was referring to a man (which I’m sure you knew).  I knew that the term rake was normally applied to men, but I wasn’t sure if it also could apply to women.  No, is the answer!  Along the way I found a summary of a biography of a woman who would have been the equivalent of a rake.  The author referred to her as a “woman for irregular situations”, which I think is funny.  This ring is for her!

Ring for Irregular Situations, 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold

You definitely can’t wear gloves with this ring!

Here’s hoping for less rain…


Tonight’s the big night..

Wow, the week that was…  I ended up spending WAY more time in the studio making sure all of my pieces for display were complete.  Funny how that happens.  I still will be posting pics of the pieces in the show, since it is on until May 8th. Yesterday was my last day of classes. … Continue Reading

Really… the time just flew by!

Wow, in two weeks it will be our Grad Show.  It seems hard to believe.  It seems like just yesterday that I learned how to solder, file, form metal (oh, maybe some of that was yesterday!). We are putting the big push on to get our pieces that we would like in the grad show… Continue Reading