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Gemstones – Adventures with Aventurine!

I know, corny… but I couldn’t resist! Another installment of “making my way through my stone collection”.  This time I thought I’d talk about aventurine, since I just finished working with a nice biggish cabachon of it! Aventurine is a form of quartz that has small inclusions that can give it a sparkly look.  That… Continue Reading

Gemstones – Rhyolite

I like colored stones!  Sometimes the more color the better!  I have a variety of stones in my collection (yes, it’s grown to be a collection) waiting to be used in a piece of jewellery. Most people know at least the basics about diamonds, and surprisingly (to me anyway) there are some people out there… Continue Reading

Cuttlefish casting!

Now here is a fun technique that produces some equally fun results – cuttlefish casting. Cuttlefish are marine invertebrates, specifically molluscs, and are related to octopuses and squid.  I think they are kind of cute!  But really, they probably have a “face” only a mother could love.  Cuttlefish have an internal shell, which is referred… Continue Reading