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Go buy some jewellery!!!

Once again, the George Brown College Craft Show Management class has organized the annual “Spring Show and Sale”! This year it seems like they’ve pulled out all the stops – there is a preview party which involves snacks and a gift with each purchase!  The preview is this Friday, March 23 from 5 pm to… Continue Reading

Gemstones – Charoite

I realized when I wrote the previous post that I hadn’t had a chance to tell you about the gemstone that I set in the pendant. It is Charoite, which is not a stone you see in jewellery very often.  It is considered a rare mineral and only found in a very specific area in… Continue Reading

Gemstones – Plume Agate

My goodness I love this stone!!  But I only have a couple plume agates in my collection (not to worry, I do have all sorts  of other agates though!). Agates are classified as chalcedony (which is slightly confusing because there are a bunch of other gemstones that are also chalcedony, including – chalcedony!!).  Agates are… Continue Reading