More new work for the Burlington show!

Well, well, well…. June 9 and 10th is fast approaching!

I’ve been a busy little beaver here, although my planned soldering was waylaid today because the guys finally came to pour the driveway (concrete) and the garage door had to be open.  I didn’t want to risk a breeze drifting through, just when I’m doing some tricky soldering – that would be annoying!  Speaking of annoying…. I ran out of oxygen yesterday! Right in the middle of soldering – which I guess is the only time it happens!  Anyway, it’s onward and upward with the new tank now!

Here are a few pieces that are hot off the press for the Burlington show:

pearl necklaces
I had fun with pearls. Someday, I think I'll rave at you about pearls.... in the meantime, here are some fun necklaces!
pearl necklace
Beautiful golden pearls, highlighted by hand knotting and 14K gold filled chain.
Golden coin pearl necklace
I had been hoarding these golden coin pearls for quite some time, then I noticed how well they went with those lovely round pearls! Sexy!!
pearl beaded beads on white pearl necklace
Fantastic, one of a kind, pearl beaded bead and white pearls hand knotted on silk.
calcite point pendant
What a cutie! A calcite point bezel capped and made into a pendant. Believe me, this is not a piece everyone and their mother will have!
kyanite beads
First a peek at the amazing range of colors in the kyanite beads I've used for the following necklace.
Openings enamel
One of the "Openings" series of enamels. I was so happy when I remembered those kyanite beads waiting patiently in my stash! It's like they were made for this enamel!


Until next time, keep well!


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