Creative color challenge – pink, and(!) gemstones: Rose quartz

Well, how’s that for efficiency – posting about the color challenge and info about a gemstone!

For May’s color challenge, Louise picked pink.  I suspected it would be pink, since she commented on my post for April’s challenge that the color for May is one of her favorites!  I knew she is a big fan of pink!

I can’t say I’m really a pink kind of gal, although I do like to bring it in to designs as a accent.  As well, I really like rose quartz.  Luckily, since I was feeling like I should concentrate on preparing for the show not designing around pink – I remembered I had been hoarding a fantastic slice of rose quartz!  Now was the time to made it into something.  I went with a pared down, wire wrapped design because the focus should be on this beautiful stone.

pendant and peony
Here it is - the fantastic Rose Quartz slice with a wireworked bail, leaning against one of my fabulous pink (antique) peonies.

I just love everything about this slice of Rose quartz – starting with it’s size.  It’s a substantial 3 cm by 6.4 cm!  That is big.

You can see the stone is full of lines and clouds (aka included), this is very common for rose quartz.  In fact, transparent rose quartz is hard to find.  The pink color is caused by titanium.  Rose quartz (and quartz in general) has a Mohs hardness of 7, which is relatively hard; but it is brittle – so don’t drop it!

Interestingly, the color in quartz can fade if exposed to heat – even intense sunlight!  Rose quartz can contain rutile needles which produce asterism of 6 rayed stars.  Rose quartz is found in Brazil, Madagascar, India, Africa and the US, along with a few other countries.  It is often used to make beads and carvings.

I think it really is a beautiful gemstone to wear when you would like color, but not an overwhelming color!  It seems very feminine to me, which, I guess, is why I like the size of this stone as a counterpoint to the softness of the color.

pendant and earrings
I finished off the pendant with a hidden detail - the rose quartz heart at the clasp! Then, just to be frisky, I made earrings to go with the pendant!

Hope your week is beginning well (and you’re not too hot).  I’ll be back this week with previews of more work that will be coming with me to the Burlington show; and a color inspiration of my own!


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  1. Wow. Stunning. That’s the kind of piece a girl would consider buying a new outfit for just to show it off to its best advantage! : )

    • Thanks Lorinda! I was lucky that I still had a couple of peonies that were just opening! We just had a big rain with wind a couple of nights ago, so now all of the petals are one the ground!

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