A little birding trip!

Last week we took a short trip to Point Pelee (National Park) and Rondeau (Provincial Park).

bird books and binoculars
All that really went with me was my binoculars - but when else do I get to take a photo of my antique bird books! Oh, and the Sibley is open to the Summer Tanager because we got a immature male in Rondeau!

In the past, before school, I used to go to Pelee/Rondeau for a week every May to revel in the migrating birds!   Then, school got in the way; and this year we’re trying to be thrifty because of all of the house projects(!).  However, I saw on the Ontbirds (the “interesting bird” report) that all sorts of fun stuff was showing up in March/April.  So, we decided on the spur of the moment to go to Pelee for a couple of days.

fox snake
On our first afternoon at Pelee, on the way to see a rufous phase Eastern Screech Owl, this fox snake was napping in the sun - right next to the path!
"The tip" at Point Pelee as it was May 2012. It is ever changing, huge winter storms wiped it out completely a couple of years ago - it is slowly coming back. Oh, and it was SLOW at the tip - the birders were talking to each other instead of birding!
Along the path to the tip (Point Pelee) - a perfect woodland vignette with the most amazing toadstool!
Columbine at Point Pelee
Up on Northwest beach trail (Point Pelee) there is always a lot of Columbine.
Redbud branch
Late Friday afternoon - no birds to speak of, so we took the Redbud trail and enjoyed those lovely trees instead!

It was a fun little break full of outdoor activity, good friends and yes, birds!  The birding has really changed over the years that I’ve been going to Pelee – no big fallouts.  We had to grind for the birds (any of my birding compatriots know how that is!), but we did see some fun species nonetheless.  As well, due to the crazy winter/spring we’ve had in southern Ontario there were lots of wildflowers, and an unbelievable amount of butterflies.  Really, a crazy amount of butterflies.

Unfortunately I seem to be lacking in photos of our time at Rondeau, we actually had opportunities to see some fun birds so I forgot about the camera!  In Rondeau we saw the immature male Summer Tanager and a Yellow throated Warbler amongst others which was fun!

Me on the beach
Me on the beach on the west side of the tip of Point Pelee. I really was looking at some birds and Scott saw a photo op! Really though, we were enjoying the sun and beautiful day!

Hope you had a lovely week – maybe appreciating nature!


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