Inspiration – color and form in the early spring garden

As you know, my garden was my creative outlet for many years (and still is).  Now it is mature enough that I can step outside the door and find inspiration almost all year.  I took the camera outside yesterday, after 3.5 hours of uninspiring weeding, to revel in some color and form!  I hope this inspires the creative side of you!

cranesbill geranium
Cranesbill Geranium
Pasque flower
Pasque flower - everything about this plant is fantastic - it's ferny leaves, hairy stems, color, the anthers, how early it blooms, and how prolifically it blooms.
Bleeding heart
Bleeding heart - reminds me of growing up with Dicentra formosa growing wild (of course, this is a different species).
Tiny daffodils
These are the cutest - they're very tiny daffodils. They come out much later than the big blousy ones and seem more like clumps of grass.


forget me not
Forget me not - one of the few true blue flowers - fantastic color!
Blue eyed grass
Blue eyed grass - such a dainty beauty, another true blue flower.
Allium flower
Allium flower bursting open. I never remember to pull my onions, but in exchange we get to admire these fantastic forms!
Prairie smoke
Prairie smoke seedhead.

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