Creative color challenge – mustard yellow

MUSTARD YELLOW!!!     Really….??

April’s creative color challenge was mustard yellow.  Once again Louise used a photo from her travels “down under” to inspire the color challenge.  Aside from the fact I was feeling too busy – mostly with show prep – to clear a day to play with my enamels, I have to say nothing really came to me (as a jewellery design).

Apparently mustard yellow is not my favorite color either!  Since I am a person who really likes color and enjoys designing with it, it is very interesting to delve into my reactions to the colors Louise chooses.  I felt successful at the end of my foray into orange.  This time, I guess since I didn’t feel like time was on my side for yellow jewellery!

So, instead I made a little abstract collage in honor of this month’s challenge.  It was fast and fun (yet, still challenging – because of that darn yellow!).

mustard yellow abstract
Inspired by Louise's photo - my mustard yellow abstract!

Now, in case you’re really disappointed not to see a piece of yellow jewellery – I do have a piece I made previously of citrine.

Night in Paris necklace
Night in Paris necklace - citrine (yeah! it's yellow!), with a fantastic blue glass focal bead that I brought back from Paris.
Night in Paris close up
Night in Paris necklace - here is that fantastic bead up close!

Now that I’m on a yellow kick – it’s time to go out into the yard and pull weeds with yellow flowers!


7 Responses to Creative color challenge – mustard yellow

  1. Thanks so much for joining in! I really had trouble with this color too, but that’s the fun of the challenge! So glad you powered through and created something. Hope you like next months color, its one of my favorites! :-)

  2. I love what you did here with yellow. I’m glad I wasn’t alone in feeling uninspired to begin with. In fact, my original feeling was much stronger than that as the picture she used as inspiration kind of made me queasy. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey, thanks for your comments, my color challenge compatriots! I have been finding our responses to the colors very interesting – that’s part of the fun of this challenge!

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