The show opening!

As I mentioned we went to the Zilberschmuck “Superstitions” show opening – it was fun!  There was quite a crush of people and a good energy in the gallery!

Zilbershmuck gallery at 910 Kingston Rd. When we got there our friends, BJ and Nellzy were waiting for us - a fantastic surprise!
Gillian and I
My (former) classmate, Gillian and I at the opening. Gillian was paying more attention to the awards than to the photographer (Scott)!
my necklace
My necklace in it's showcase!
The crush of people!

Unfortunately, Scott didn’t get a photo of my other friend and former classmate – Amanda Henderson, who had two pieces in the show.  Instead, here are her pieces!

Amanda Henderson's swizzle sticks
Amanda's swizzle sticks in their case! Aren't they great!


Amanda Henderson dandelion
Here is Amanda's dandelion pin - I like this one too!!

If you would like to see all of the jewellery in the show (and you can’t make it in person), you can see pictures on Zilberschmuck’s blog (including a “hanging” shot of mine!).

Hope you are well,


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  1. Valerie, the necklace is beautiful!! So glad I got to see it properly & entirely :) I still think it’s great thinking – love the idea of carrying around a piece of wood to knock :) & in the photo on the gallery’s blog, I got to see the piece of wood you used – it’s gorgeous!

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