Zilberschmuck “Superstition” – show opening

In case you didn’t notice me blathering all over facebook (won’t you be my friend?) I made a necklace in response to a call for entry that the gallery “Zilberschmuck“, had in the fall.

My necklace is based on the superstition of knocking on wood, which was the common one used in my family.  The jury selected my necklace to be part of the show, which is very exciting!  The gallery owner, Cheryl Fraser, told me there were four submissions for knock on wood and the jury chose mine and one other!

An excerpt from the Zilberschmuck press release:

This year s theme drew in 76 entries from 61 artists from across the country. What is a superstition? Webster defines it as a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation. Numerous well-known superstitions were represented such as “Knock on Wood”, as well as, personal superstitions drawn from fear, numbers and childhood play. Many of the entries had a sense of wit and whimsy and played on the silliness of believing in them.
Most people will say they are not superstitious but find that they cannot help themselves reacting to a situation with a superstitious belief on a daily basis. The exhibition includes 35 interpretations from 31 artists…”

I really can’t believe my good fortune (I did work hard on my submission, but then so did everyone else).  I feel very honored to be in the company of Canadian jewellery artists whose work is inspiring, sometimes mind blowing, and most important to me, interesting.

Two of my class mates were also juried into the show: Amanda Henderson and Fatima Tataragic!  I can’t wait to see their pieces!  As well, three current students at George Brown College were juried into the show.  That says a lot about the Jewellery program at George Brown College.

The opening for the show is tomorrow night, and the show runs from April 12 to May 26.  It would be great if you could make it out to see the “Superstitions”!    Scott and I will be going to the opening.

Now, for a sneak peek at my necklace:

part of necklace
Look at that mirror finish! My artist's statement: In case of emergency – Knock on wood This necklace is inspired by my friends’ and family’s habit of wanting to knock on wood when they have said something that seems to be tempting fate. However, as so often happens now, genuine wood is hard to find quickly. Recalling fire emergency (extinguisher) boxes, ladies chatelaines and amulets this necklace enables you to wear your protection – in case of an emergency!

So exciting!!!

Hope things are keeping you on your toes in your neck of the woods!



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  1. From what I can see, your piece is gorgeous (would love to see it properly :)) – and I totally love the idea of having knockable wood handy for any given jinxable moment 😀 So inspiring!
    I love the piece on the poster too – how someone thinks of something like that? Awesome!

    • Thanks Yvonne! Unfortunately I only have not very good photos that I took minutes before it had to be sent off. I may post another photo after the show! I’m excited to see everyone’s entry ’cause it looks like some are really interesting ideas!!

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