Culture Capital 2012 – project update 1

Well, I got right down to it this weekend.  I really felt like I have to, since relatively speaking the sewing will be the easy part.  The beading will be the time consuming part!

Anyway, I broke out the old girl (and no, I don’t mean me…)

singer sewing machine
Here it is in all it's glory - my old Singer. I'm sure my quilting friends will get a laugh out of it, but it works - hence the action shot.


I put together the background, and let me tell you it was a bit of a mind stretcher.  The seam you see above was the easiest – straight and short.

Then I had to do a diagonal seam for the other half of the background, because the woman in the quilt shop told me this would be the least visible.  Apparently, diagonal seams don’t catch your eye as much as straight ones.  (The above seam will be covered, so it didn’t matter that it is straight.)

I had to get out the drafting triangle, make sure I drew the guidelines so that I didn’t end up with a corner (!), and then I had to pin it.  That boggled my mind a little.  When you haven’t been doing any complicated sewing for a long time it can be a real puzzler to get things going in the direction you want!

Then the last seam was another problem child – a very long straight one on a minor angle.  It seemed simple on the face of it, until I realized I didn’t have anything long enough to use as a straight edge!  Luckily, I hit upon using the tape measure.

pinned seam
Ready to sew! The long, straight, very slightly diagonal seam.

Then after sewing the final seam, I had time (before dinner!) to iron on the interfacing!  Yeah!  And so ended session one.

I may not be galloping along, but I think slow and steady will get the job done!

Hope you are well, and your projects are progressing too!



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