Go buy some jewellery!!!

Once again, the George Brown College Craft Show Management class has organized the annual “Spring Show and Sale”!

This year it seems like they’ve pulled out all the stops – there is a preview party which involves snacks and a gift with each purchase!  The preview is this Friday, March 23 from 5 pm to 8 pm!  This is your chance to support emerging jewellery artists (including me!), and to see the graduating class’ showcase work!

This year the focus is on “production” jewellery.  In the context of a sole practitioner (such as myself) this means work that you’ve designed and made (or can make) multiples of, that is more affordable than one of a kind jewellery.  Usually it is done in small batches, since one person can only do so much!  Some jewellery artists focus solely on production work because it is what they like to do and they’ve found a buying audience for it.  However, it doesn’t mean the pieces are all exactly the same – this is where the creativity comes in!

The pieces I submitted for the sale are from my “Unending Ovals” series.  I included earrings, pins, and pendants!

Examples from the Unending Ovals series: earrings with red dots, pendant with blue dots, ring with green and yellow dots, pins with green, yellow, and blue.

I hope you can make it to the show and sale!  The class would love to see you there and all of the jewellery artists who have work for sale….. well, you know where I’m going with that……. so, go buy some jewellery!

Hope you are well and enjoying this crazy spring weather!


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