The week that was…

Well, the past week was an interesting one – which is never a good way to start a story!

The house was in complete disarray from the ongoing painting project.  The weekend before last, the hall closet, linen closet and kitchen pantry were painted.  All I can say is – boy, even though we have a small house, we sure have a lot of “stuff” in the closets!  Yikes.  Of course, it took a week for the paint to cure (and the smell to dissipate) enough to refill them – so everything was everywhere!  Not that it particularly affects my studio space, but it just makes you unsettled in your own home (and takes longer to find what you’re looking for!).

Then, to top it all off, my little experiment at the beginning of the week confirmed that the freezer in the fridge was not working.  Now, that did interrupt studio time – emptying it out (so much wasted food – makes me sad), cleaning it so the repair man wouldn’t be offended, tracking down a repair man,  waiting around for the repair man…. etc, etc…..

Then he delivered the bad news – the fridge is on it’s last leg – kaput.  It’s only 13, which isn’t old.  I guess you have to judge a fridge’s age in dog years.

Evenings were spent looking at fridges (date night! ha, ha).  Finally we found one on sale at Sears, it wasn’t at all the style we were looking for so we came home to do some research and decided it was the one.  I went the next morning to buy it (which is the short version of a slightly painful process – we did not get the sale one…).  Anyhow, our new side by side Kitchen Aid is coming this Thursday. Whoop dee do!

In between all of this homey adventure I did manage to make some pretty things!  Yeah!  I was on a pearl kick, which is going to continue in a small way this week.

photo of work made week of Mar 12 to 16, 2012
A variety of goodies made with my bare hands! Pearl earrings, pearl pendants, millefiore beads, and a sweet little flower on a stem set with a synthetic sapphire!

Now, back to the grindstone!  I’m on a roll making pendants today!

Hope you are well!



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