Custom work – a special Valentine’s gift

I had the opportunity to make a special Valentine’s gift this year!

J. had wanted to give her husband a pendant that would have special meaning for the both of them and also be a symbol specific to him.  He is a musician, so J. wanted the shape of the pendant to be that of a guitar pick, and it had to be life size and usable!  She had found a guitar pick pendant ready made (mass produced), but it wasn’t life size.  She also had researched runes, and developed a runes that has personal meaning to the both of them.

This isn’t the first piece of custom work I’ve done.  Previously, I’ve made beadwoven necklace (she liked a bracelet design, but wanted a necklace); and a beadwoven bracelet.  But somehow, I was more nervous about making this one!  Maybe since it was my first one as a “goldsmith” – ha,ha.  More than likely, it was because it involved wax carving which I hadn’t done in a while!   I turned out well though, and the way J.’s face lit up when she saw it was really gratifying!

sterling silver pendant
Custom sterling silver guitar pick pendant - what a great gift for Valentine's Day!

In other news – our house looks like the eye of the storm hit with it being painted, so I’m ensconced in my studio learning to make a finger hinge.

Hope you are well,


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