A day out: in Toronto

Scott has been off this week, taking some vacation to start with the painting of the house.  This is the year for house projects so I may be talking about that here, on occasion!  Anyway, we took this as an opportunity to have a day out.

We had a fun day on Wednesday, in Toronto – we ate a very nice sushi lunch, I hit a couple of suppliers for some small items I need for up coming projects, we saw “Monsieur Lazhur” at TIFF Bell Lightbox.  It’s an excellent movie, which I would recommend!

Then we went for dinner at 259 Host  which is an Indian restaurant.  Although that description really doesn’t do it justice – it’s a creative take on Indian cuisine.  I had the best potato samosa I’ve ever had – the flavour was just unbelievable.  Actually, everything was very tasty and well presented.  I also had a fantastic dessert – which I, unfortunately, forget the name of – it was a cold dessert, kind of an Indian take on ice cream.  It was green and had cardamom in – if that helps!

Finally, we went to the play “War Horse” at the Princess of Wales theatre (the original reason we had for going into Toronto).

Last fall, our friend who is a theatre director (amongst other things!) recommended the play “War Horse”.  She had the opportunity to see the original production in London, and she said it was fantastic.  This high praise doesn’t often come out of her mouth – so, I thought we had better see the play when it comes to Toronto.  Of course, as you know the movie came out in the fall; but I resisted – I wanted to see the play!!

Princess of Wales theatre, Toronto
The front of the Princess of Wales theatre - with the War Horse marquee!

And yes, it is fantastic.  The story is perhaps a bit light, but the staging is very good – and the puppets are just unbelievable.  They really were able to “act” like horses.  It’s obvious that the originators of the play spent time really observing their behaviour and it’s subtle nuances.  I really can’t say enough good things about the puppets and puppeteers/actors.  Plus, they have a puppet goose – which is very funny!  I want one!

This was our first time in this theatre as well, and luckily Scott chose good seats.  They were “dress circle” – which means they were along the side of the balcony – and because of this the best part was there was no one in front of me!  Yeah!

Anyhow, it’s back to the grindstone now!

Talk to you soon,


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