Creative colour challenge – pursuing an idea!

Near the end of last year I came across the blog/website of Louise Gale, who is an artist and creative coach.  Louise LOVES colour, and as you know, so do I!  She had organized something she called “a creative colour challenge” twice in  2011.

Then, I suppose she had so much fun, she decided to a creative colour challenge for every month of 2012!  I thought – that sounds like a good idea!  I felt it could be a good kick in the pants to play with my enamels!  Or, now that I think of it, maybe more pencil crayon on metal, or gemstones….. who knows!  That’s the beauty of this “challenge” – Louise posts the color and if you choose to participate you can do whatever you like.

Sounds great right!  Sure, until you look at her website on Jan. 1st and see the color is orange.  Specifically, the pantone colour of 2012 “Tangerine Tango”.  Orange and I aren’t really friends.  I like oranges, and some orange flowers, but the colour just doesn’t give me the joy many other people seem to get from it.  Anyway, I whined (to myself) for a day or two – and then – I had an IDEA!

I don’t really remember how it came to me, but I wanted to make an abstract “flower” using metal forming techniques.  Specifically, I wanted to combine fold-forming and anticlastic forming AND enamel it.  I’ve made a fold-formed/anticlastic pendant previously (in school); and I’ve enameled, of course.  However, both techniques together create unique challenges.  I was worried the formed shape would collapse from the heat of the kiln (it didn’t though!).  I thought the bail might fall off in the kiln, since the temperature hard solder flows and enamel flows are awfully close – but it didn’t.  On top of this, I had to use fine silver since the firescale copper or sterling get would have been virtually impossible to deal with on the form I had in mind.

I am happy how it turned out – it is organic, shows that it is a hand made piece, certainly is one of a kind, and yes – it’s orange! So, this is the end result:

Enameled pendant
Tropical tangerine flower pendant - fine silver, enamel.
enameled pendant on rocks
Tropical tangerine flower in repose!

Now, how’s that for fun!  I’m so glad I joined this group – I plan on using it to push me out of my comfort zone.  Tomorrow Louise is going to post February’s color with added twists – I can’t wait!

Hope you are well!  I’ll be back tomorrow or the next day to show some fun everyday pendants I just enameled!



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  1. It is like problem solving in Martha’s classes. Way to go Val! You faced the challenge like the designer you are and the results speak for themselves.

    • Tha82#t&17;s a dramatic step. But it’s is always good to follow your heart. Wishing you the best of luck in your endeavours and you truly have my full support.

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