I think it went well!……. and a mini black friday/cyber monday sale

Well, I am happy to report that my first home/studio show and sale went well.  I’m grateful to everyone who came – either to cheer me on or to buy a piece!  I also had a nice shout out in the Niagara Artist’s Centre e-newsletter, which was completely unexpected.

I was too nervous on Saturday morning to take any pictures of the set up and too hungry Sunday night…. so, here is a photo of the case I had by the front door of the fine jewellery and examples of custom work:

jewellery case
I particularly like it against the red wall! There are some crazy reflections going on in that acrylic box (it wasn't like that on the weekend, I promise!)


On a side note, I thought I would participate in the “Black Friday/Cyber Monday” craze!  I know I’m not American, but there’s nothing like jumping on the bandwagon – eh!?  Anyway, I’ll be working away in the etsy shop today to put selected items on sale.  Specifically, it will is items $30 and under will have free shipping (which can be quite a large percentage depending on the price!).

So, on that note – I’ve got to get busy!

All the best,


4 Responses to I think it went well!……. and a mini black friday/cyber monday sale

  1. I’m so happy to hear that your first home/studio show and sale went well. I can imagine it was a LOT of work and somewhat anxiety provoking. : ) Here’s to many more!

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  2. Congrats, Valerie! Your first show – how exciting! So glad it went well for you. Now maybe take a day off to re-energize…

  3. Love the red wall, your display looks great! And the rough stone wall in the background there, so nice to peek into your home :) Good to hear it went well!
    And yes, bandwagons are for jumping!! Happy sales! :)

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