First Tuesday of the month – what’s on the bench right now!

Wow, November!  I felt energized to finish up some on-going projects and start some new ones, after we got back from Virginia.  As well, I wanted to get some particular pieces made for the show/sale I am having here at home the weekend of November 19/20.

So, without further ado – the first Tuesday of the month list: what I am working on:

pins, pin stems, pliers
1. A couple of my "Battery Hen" pins need the pin stems put on.
flexshaft and radial wheels and pendant for finishing and setting
2. A pendant that needs to be finished (polished) and the stone set. Yes, it is an agate!
bezel set enamel and chain choices
3. I have to decide which chain I like best for this bezel set enamel, then attach!
components for a ring
4. First, I have to decide which and how many components I want on this ring; then I have to do the hard part!
pendant to be
5. A pendant to be: my enamel, silver to build the bezel and bail, and the blueberry quartz beads for the necklace.


And so, with that – I’d better get back to work!

Hope you are well, and keeping busy!


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