The milkweed have finally burst

You may noticed that I am inspired by nature, in particular my garden.  It is an ongoing project, that for many years was my creative outlet.  It makes me happy to know that from a barren grass wasteland I now have flowers blooming from February to November (quite a feat in Ontario – even if we are in the “warm” part!).

I was wondering earlier in the week why the milkweed were not open yet – and lo and behold they burst open yesterday.  While the milkweed sends their fluffy seeds around the countryside, I still have flowers in bloom – with buds to come!!

milkweed seeds
This one seems to be open the most. We have a small section of the back set aside for a butterfly garden - hence the milkweek.

milkweed pod

milkweed pod

close up of chrysanthemum flowers
One of the chrysanthemums in the front - look at all that pollen!
close up of chrysanthemum flower
This mum has gone crazy over the years, unlike it's bretheren it has spread! Luckily I like this color the best!
chrysanthemum buds
The white one is still only buds.
Seafoam rose and buds
This Seafoam rose is the one I moved this summer, apparently it LOVES it's new spot! It is loaded with flowers and buds right now.

I hope this little snippet of beauty from my garden inspires you today – or at least, inspires a smile!!

silver pendant
"On the Garden Path" pendant, made using real rose leaves from my garden!

Hope all is well with you!  What is your favorite fall flower?


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