Gemstones – Adventures with Aventurine!

I know, corny… but I couldn’t resist!

Another installment of “making my way through my stone collection”.  This time I thought I’d talk about aventurine, since I just finished working with a nice biggish cabachon of it!

two aventurine beads
Two aventurine beads, showing the range of green it can have.

Aventurine is a form of quartz that has small inclusions that can give it a sparkly look.  That does make it pretty, but as I learned the other day, it makes it hard to photograph because it ends up looking like there is dust on the stone!  It is named Aventurine from the Italian “per aventura” – apparently based on an 1700s Murano glassmaker accidentally discovering how to make a new sparkly man made gemstone.  The real gemstone was named this due to the sparkles or aventurescence.

It can come in green, brown, greenish brown, bluish green, bluish white or orange.  I have green examples.  The colors come from different mineral inclusions in the stone.  For example, green ones have mica flecks in them, and brown has pyrite flecks. You can find aventurine, in the wild, all over the world – such as Brazil, USA, Russia, India, Japan and Tanzania.  As well, there are some special deposits in Canada (unusual colors).

Other stones, such as amazonite, and jade can be confused with aventurine (although when you look closely you will not see the flecks in these stones).  As well, there is the man-made aventurine – Goldstone – which is glass with copper flecks in it.  There is also a type of feldspar, called sunstone, which can be confused with the brown aventurine (it sometimes is called aventurine feldspar and it’s flecks are a variety of colors).

close up of pendant
This shows some carved aventurine "leaves", you can see their inclusions (that's not dirt on the stones!).

Aventurine has been used by man for centuries, including some ancient artifacts found in Ethiopia.  In more modern times gem carvers have used aventurine to make seals (stamps), vases, beads, statuary, and in jewellery.

Aventurine is the gemstone for your 8th wedding anniversary.  Some of the qualities that have been attributed to aventurine are: it brings luck, calmness and clarity, it helps nearsightedness, dispels anxiety and fear, helps blood and muscle tissue, and is helpful during meditation.  It also apparently helps with libido!

I personally don’t have proof of any of those claims, but there’s no harm in trying it out!  What I do know is: I like aventurine for it’s color and it is a pretty forgiving stone to work with.

leaf pendant with aventurine
This is the aventurine cabachon I kept dusting off until realized it was the inclusions sparkling back at me!!

I think I just like green stones overall!!

So, have you gotten lucky with aventurine??


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