First Tuesday of the month – Herb hill

When we moved to this house twelve (!!) years ago, the yard was dismal to put it mildly.  The previous owners were not really gardeners and the house had been sitting empty for a year before we bought it.

We are on a hill and the front yard (which is the majority of the yard) is terraced.  The top level is where the house sits, the second level holds my vegetable garden and herb hill (and many other plants), and the bottom level (road level) is presently out of control – ha, ha….  Well, maybe I’m not really laughing about that!

The second thing I did, after sawing down the shrubs that were covering the front windows, was tackle the herb hill.  It was all patchy, seriously patchy grass, on a steep and awkward slope.  I ordered herbs to plant (from Richter’s), and put in stepping stones which years later are just barely holding their spots on the hill.

Fast forward twelve years of growing in full sun, and sandy soil.  Lets just say every spring (and some falls) I have to dig out clumps of herbs to keep it somewhat under control.  Everything I bought just LOVES it in this spot.

lemon balm and rue on my herb hill
Rue flowers with lemon balm in the background.

So without further ado – the list of herbs on my herb hill…

  • Comfrey – interesting plant, but do not let it self seed!  It is big.
  • Lavender
  • Thyme
close up of thyme
Thyme - I have so many varieties, but I think this one is "mother of thyme"
  • Oregano – who knew oregano wants to take over the world…. it does!
  • Valerian
  • Rue
rue leaves
Rue after the rain.
  • Summer savory
  • Winter savory
  • Purple sage
purple sage
Purple sage.
  • Lemon balm
  • Yarrow – take my advice… do not plant this.
  • Sorrel
close up of sorrel
The sorrel with the lemon balm creeping in.

The honorable mention goes to: chives!  It lived on the hill until this spring, when I decided it was easier to move it than try to keep the oregano from killing it.

As an aside, all of the pictures were taken yesterday – Oct. 3, 2011 – so clearly there is still some growing going on!  No settling down for winter, yet!

Do you grow herbs?  Do you actually use them in your cooking or in some other way?  Better yet, would you like some oregano??


Valerie “I’m not kidding would you like some oregano” Brown


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