Hitchin’ a ride

I must have disturbed the perch of my new friend although I didn’t notice until I felt something climbing up my arm…

preying mantis
Here it is - a preying mantis on my long trowel (which, by the way, is the best dandelion digger ever!).

praying mantis head shot

praying mantis
Deciding.... should I stay or should I go.....
praying mantis
They are such interesting creatures, there is something very primeval about them.
front legs of the mantis
It's front legs are such a delicate shade of green, with interesting spines on the bottom.
praying mantis
When it moved it's front leg I was able to see the pattern it has underneath.
praying mantis in Little Bluestem
I let it go in the Little Bluestem after our photoshoot.

This mantis seemed a bit more sluggish than others I’ve come across in the garden.  I recall them being more on guard.  We had a large one, a few years ago, park itself on the front door and it really watched us if we came around the front door.  It felt like I was being hunted in my own house!

Hope you are enjoying a day in the garden, with your friends….


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