Memorial chalk graffiti

Another photo heavy post.  The chalk messages at City Hall.  I tried to wean it down to the most representative and some humorous messages – it was difficult!

Here we go:

graffiti extending up ramp
There were lots of messages ALL over Nathan Phillips Square; this shows a small portion.
ramp with chalk messages
This is the opposite side of the ramp with messages.
chalk graffiti
There were messages in many languages.
chalk graffiti
"Watch out God, Jack's coming!!"
chalk messages
"Best PM we never had"
poster at Jack Layton's City Hall memorial
An artist made a poster for Jack Layton's memorial at City Hall.
chalk messages
"Gracias por todo, Mr Jack Layton"
chalk messages
"Estamos muy tristes"
chalk messages
"Be like Jack"
chalk messages
"Merci pour pa contribution..."
chalk messages
"Ride on!"
chalk messages
"You championed my rights as a gay man"
chalk messages
"This makes me feel less alone in my sadness..."
chalk messages
"I started voting because of you..."
chalk messages
chalk messages
"Jack, you have climbed the bean stalk of success"
chalk messages
"... plus you dated my aunt..."
message on banner
"Thank you for my beautiful city..." . There was a large banner that people could sign as well.
messages on the banner
"Thank you for all of your public service..."

And tucked behind one of the flower laden planters near the temporary memorial people had built I found this:

wooden sign
A sign someone made.

Anyway, hope you are well.  I’ll be back soon, with the usual less weighty topics!

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