This is a test of the automatic warning system..

Well the first blog!

My intention with this blog is to let you in “behind the scenes”. Sure I may list a variety of things as my influences (which they really are!!), but what shape do these take on a regular basis? What face does nature take, books I’m reading, courses I am taking at any given moment; or just the everyday. Or what does the bench of a working goldsmith look like…. Hum, maybe that shouldn’t be shown! You’ll see the disarray.

Prairie Smoke in bloom in my garden (June 2010)
A peek at my bench at GBC, and yes that is a tin can...

I also would like to use this blog to bring other amazing artists to your attention, and on occasion bring some issues to the table that I think are of interest. I won’t hit you over the head with them though!

All the best,

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