What can I say…. I have a BSc in biology… the LIST for the first Tuesday of the month

I’m excited to present the list for the first Tuesday of the month – but maybe not so excited that it’s August!  How can that be?  I’m going to have to get serious…. making jewellery for Christmas!

This weekend Scott and I went for a stroll (after a lovely dinner) by Brock’s monument.  It has a couple of viewpoints that give nice glimpses of the Niagara River, which in dusk, looks particularly lovely.

Along the way, we had some encounters with wildlife (and I don’t mean the day trippers) – first, the lookout right by the monument had a very busy bat in it.  I think it probably was a Little Brown Bat, but it was too dusky to see well.  This bat must have found the buffet, it swooped back and forth, up and down, in and out of view, and sometimes quite close.  It was fun, you don’t often get to see bats at eye level.  Then as we were wandering to the next historical marker, we noticed that we’d picked up a friend, strolling aside the path – a skunk!  Thankfully, it decided the food was better in the bushes!

This brings me to the list for the first Tuesday:

handwritten list with drawings

Yes, this is the list so far for the yard.  I think it’s pretty good, since (despite what some may think) we don’t really live in the country.

The ones with the asterisks are ones that have been in the house.  I have no idea how the mole got in – but I can tell you that those little #**!! bite – he bit me when I was rescuing him.  The chipmunk and shrew both came in through a holey window screen in my studio.

The shrew dropped in last week.  Of course, I had no idea it was in here.  I was working on my computer, and I guess tapping my toe when I heard an angry squeak!  I have to admit this did surprise me, and it galvanized the two cats who were here into action.  Unfortunately, it turns out that the three of us are not very competent shrew catchers.  We chased that little fella around the room for a couple of hours!   There was some comic relief because it would pop it’s head out from under the furniture every so often, only to bopped on the head by Hoppy.  I heard some foul shrew language, I’m sure!  Finally, with a combined effort of  Hoppy acting as the sniffer (dog) and me armed with garden gloves (I remembered the mole incident) I caught it and took it out to the backyard.

Have you got any fun wild mammal stories?  A mole in your hall, a moose under your sprinkler, …???  I’d like to hear them!

Keep on enjoying the wildlife!


PS.  Aren’t those illustrations great!  They are from the book “The Mammals of British Columbia” by I. McTaggart Cowan and C. J. Guiget (1975).  The illustrations are by Frank L. Beebe.

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