A full day of fun!


street shot of summerfest
Some of the folks enjoying summer fest.

As I mentioned, on Friday, Pelham had it’s first street party.  It was to celebrate the end of all of the street construction that had been going on on the main(ish) business area. It really was a huge project for Fonthill – they buried all of the lines, redid the sidewalks and slightly reconfigured the street, installed new street lights and put in planters and a clock.  It really is quite nice, and hopefully worth it for the businesses that had to suffer through it!

The “Summer Fest” was from noon to midnight, we went in the afternoon to see the big unveiling!!

summer fest banner
They only seemed to have one banner announcing Summerfest... so here it is!

Once again it was a very hot day, so you’ll be seeing everyone looking hot (literally) in their summer outfits.

Mayor Dave Augustyn opening Summerfest
Here is our Mayor, Dave Augustyn, opening SummerFest. This is the official summer look for mayors.
The unveiling of the new ?clock??!!.
Yes, it really is a clock!
close up of clock
Ok, I'll admit I cheated... I had already seen the clock when they installed it! It is quite nice AND it actually says "village" on it. That amuses me, whodda thunk I'd be living in a village!

The organizing committee put a lot of work into this fest and conveniently, Ontario decided to change the liquor laws just in time – so we could wander around the designated area with our drinks in hand.  Now there’s no need to go to Vegas or New Orleans!

There were bands, demonstrations (we saw some energetic Zumba ladies), buskers, a climbing wall, bouncy castle, skate board ramps, free massages, booths, street food and a beer tent.  I had oysters, but neglected to take a picture before I ate them!

climbing wall
This is the climbing wall. There was a line up of kids to go up!
girl climbing up slide
First you go up.... A bouncy castle slide!!! How fun is this - I wish they had this when I was a kid!
sliding down
Then you slide down!
Fonthill bandshell with singer
This guy was good. He wrote his own songs and could actually sing them!
sign on tree by bandshell
Hmmm, I think the committee fell down on the job for the sign here! This was the line up at the bandshell, the talented guy above is with the last band on the list.

Then, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – look what we came across:

watering the fun house
The volunteer fire fighters were there letting little kids hose down the burning house. I couldn't decide what I would really like to do more... stand in the spray (it was HOT) or spray the house!
girl trying out fire hose
Unfortunately, they were only allowing small children do this...

We went home to take a break from the heat, then we went to Buffalo with friends.  Specifically, we went to see Woody Allen’s new movie “Midnight in Paris” – which I enjoyed very much and would recommend.

Along the way, we discovered two great finds!  As we were driving to the restaurant we spotted a great old sign for “Parkside Candy”.  You often can spot great old signs in Buffalo because it has been economically depressed for so long (which is also why you can see some really great architecture there too).  Anyway, we figured the store would be long gone, but when we drove by I was able to see through the door that it appeared to still be there.

The short story is we all bought a lot of candy.  The long story can be found here.  The store has been there since 1927 and still is completely original from that time.  The inside of the store is beautiful and amazing (but I didn’t have my camera).  The chocolate is also very good.  They also have an ice cream counter!  The plan now is to head over to Buffalo for lunch at Parkside Candy!

The next find, thanks to our friend Nat, was the restaurant we had dinner at: Shango Bistro,  with a New Orleans inspired menu.  We all enjoyed our meals and have uploaded this restaurant into our ‘places to eat in Buffalo’!

That was a long day!  The fun never ends in Niagara!

So, here’s to good friends, food, movies and community!!


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