Look what came in the mail!

Well, this week has not been the most exciting or too productive for me.  I have a summer cold which has made me sluggish and dopey all week and it has been just too hot (I feel bad saying that, but it’s true) to do any work in the garden.  But things tick along whether I’m participating or not!  Oh, and my car conked out last Friday – so I used that as another excuse to be a hermit!  On the bright side, I did get all of my book keeping paperwork up to date and have been sketching and experimenting with color.

I did manage to get to the post office yesterday to get the mail, and look what was waiting there for me:

My Jewellery Arts diploma!

I guess that means it’s official!  This diploma is (physically) bigger than my degree – I guess they are adamant when they award graduation!

When I said things tick along without me I was particularly thinking of my garden.  The flowers keep on blooming and the weeds keep in sprouting.  As you know I do love color, so here are a few examples of color inspiration for today:

daylily flower
Somewhere along the way I became a daylily collector... I have lots of daylilies in my graden. This is a lovely lemon yellow one that is scented.
daylily flower
Another favorite - "Catharine Woodward", it also is scented. Look at that yellow throat, this really is a beautiful flower.
moss rose flowers
These are moss roses growing in one of my planters. I didn't want a variety of colors, but I didn't have a choice at the nursery. Turns out they were right - I love going out and seeing a different color combination each day.
daylily flower
This one is my absolute favorite daylily. It is the color of the inside of a mango and is scented as well. I divided it this year so that I could have it where I can see it looking out the kitchen window.

Well, that’s the inspiration for today!  Tomorrow Fonthill is having it’s first “Street Fest”, so I may have pictures of a village rocking out (ha, ha).

Hope you are well and not sunburnt!!


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