A week late, but… a 3×3 list for Tuesday!

Well, better late than never!  Sorry about the long absence – what can I say other things took over.  Such is life!

After school was done I rented a studio space for three weeks so that I could use some of the tools/machines that I won’t have access to in my home studio.  It was a very productive time – I got everything done on my list (which is unusual and exciting!).

Then we left on a jet plane to:

1.) San Francisco

steep street in San Francisco
The very steep street on the way to Coit Tower! One of the many steep streets in San Fran.
base of Lombard St
We had to go to Lombard St, of course. I was here many years ago driving down it! I wouldn't do that now, it's just too busy. It is fun to walk up though.
bull California sea lion
We went to Pier 39 to see him!! Actually, we were on our way to rent bikes to go over the Golden Gate Bridge and stopped on the way at Pier 39. We got to see a small colony of California sea lions who live there, including this handsome fellow.

2.) Then we took the Coast Starlight train (which I recommend) to Seattle:

fish on ice
We went to Pike Place Market. This fish and his friends belongs to the "famous" fish throwing marketer's, however I couldn't get a picture of that.
folds of building
We went to the Experience Project Museum. The museum financed by Paul Allen and designed by Frank Gehry. LOVED it!! The building is fabulous - I could have filled the list just with picture of it! I saw a special (temporary) exhibit on Nirvana and permenant exhibits on Jimi Hendrix, the history of the guitar and more. It was great!
view from Westin hotel
I was in Seattle to attend a conference (more on that in another post), which was being held in the Westin. This is a nice overview of Seattle from my friend's window.

3.) and finally, we ended up in Victoria:

rhododendrons growing amongst Garry Oaks
We went to Playfair Park which has a huge and beautiful collection of rhododendrons. These are a small sampling of the rhodos that are in the park. These ones are growing under the Garry Oaks. The rhodos in this park, and Victoria in general, look the way they should - tall, big shrubs, some of the shrubs must be at least 10' tall!
Victoria Inner Harbour
I know, a touristy shot of the Inner Harbour. What can I say, it was a beautiful day and the little harbour ferries were all lined up in a row!
view of the Olympic mountains from Songhees area of the harbour
The skies were unbelieveably clear when we were there. Most days we had excellent views of the mountains, which had extra snow still on them! This is from the Songhees area of the Inner Harbour looking to the Olympic Mountains (in Washington state).

That was our trip in an extreme nutshell! Since then I’ve been buried in amongst the weeds in my garden.

Now it’s time to watch History Detectives!  Hope your summer has been great so far!


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