Will this be in the show? – part 1

The countdown is on.  We have been asked to select what pieces we would like to display in the grad show.

Over the next few posts I’ll show you what I am suggesting can go into my case!   Aside from considering quality, we have to see if we will have enough space in a case.  Three students will have to share a case, so there isn’t really that much room.  Luckily, jewellery is generally small.

I would like to have my pin “Mary had a Little Lamb” in the case.  It is one of the pieces I made in second year for an open competition called “Fiat Lux” put on by a gallery in Calgary – Influx Gallery.  The idea was to shine a light on something.  I chose to shine a light on an animal issue.  From my statement that accompanied the piece:

The concept is one of shining light on a social issue.  Which in this instance, is the humane treatment of food animals along with the loss of general understanding of where our food comes from.  A lamb was chosen as they are generally regarded as “cute” and most Western children have a direct reference and connection to the nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.  Humor and attractiveness of the subject are used to deliver the message.

Despite the fact that most people perceive sheep as wooly, lambs are in fact fuzzy therefore the more subtle texture was chosen.  The inner, “meat chart” portion of the lamb is polished to highlight the idea of meaning beneath the skin.  The puffy bow and crook are an allusion to “Mary”.   Finally the pin finding is curled as a reference to sheep’s wool.

silver lamb pin
Here's my lamb, just before she was shipped to Calgary! I'm particularly proud of the bow.
lamb with "coat" open
Here is the hidden message - the meat chart.

I did submit my lamb to the show jury, and I was VERY excited that they deemed it worthy to go into the exhibit!

Hope you are well on this lovely day!

Only 12 more sleeps until grad show opening…


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