I got the big gun out and tested it on an enamelled pendant…

Yes, I got the big guns out today.

I came to the sad realization that my trusty Panasonic Lumix just could not get in close enough to do the jewellery photography I want.  It’s a great camera though, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like a point and shoot with more, and better, features.  On top of that you don’t really have to be a camera buff to figure it out.  So, over the Christmas break from school, I ordered a macro lens that is supposed to do the trick.

close shot of camera and new lens
The big guns. The camera body is Scott's (the photographer in the family) with the new lens.

I decided to practice on an enameled pendant I just finished.  The following shots are just test ones.  I took lots of extremely bad ones.  It’s been so long since I’ve used an SLR, and I’ve never used a digital SLR, that I can see that the learning curve is going to be much greater than I anticipated.  You can see how close I can get, though!  These were both taken outside in light shade (and yes, it was darn cold for my hands).  I can also get in for real close-ups but unfortunately I had something completely wrong with the light, so I can’t show you those.

purple and red enamel bezel set pendant
The front of the pendant. I know the photo isn't exactly correct, but it's hard to figure out what exactly is wrong. It's in focus, yet it isn't. Hummmmm.
back of pendant showing cut out
Now, the photo of the back turned out well. Maybe it was reflections on the front throwing things off?

I’m impatient and I wish I had more time to practice – ’cause I’ve got other nice pieces I’d like to show!  In the meantime, I think I’ll have to get both the manuals out (for the camera and the lens).  It’s a funny thing that I am the person who actually reads and follows the directions from IKEA, but I’d rather not read the camera manual!  It’s so painful; and honestly puts me to sleep.

If you have any brilliant photography suggestions, I’d like to hear them!


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