March’s first Tues of the month list!

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth!  This last term is intense, and keeping up with the school work is usually all I manage.  This week, however, we are on “spring break”.  In the Jewellery program that means – try to catch up (a little) on your homework.  For those of us in our last term of the Jewellery Arts diploma it means trying to get pieces ready for our Grad Show.  It’s a lot of work.  Of course that means I have a list:

two handwritten lists
Yes, there are two lists here. I can't throw out the one on the right, even though it's been superseded by the one on the left... 'cause there is another list on the back of it!

As per usual for my lists, this one is somewhat unrealistic for a week.  I aim big!  I have accomplished a few things though:

1) waxes –

waxes of ovals and rings
A pile of waxes awaiting delivery to the casting house

2. delivery of the waxes…

The sign for the casting house. I didn't think they wanted a picture inside, although it's not that much more interesting.

3. I “made” these gravers:

two gravers
Left is the square graver, right is the flat graver

Gravers come from the supplier as a basic shape.  It is up to the goldsmith, stone setter or wax carver to adjust them as they like.  You have to grind off (a lot in my case) the back end, the tang, so that the graver fits nicely in your hand once you put it into the handle.  Depending on the type of graver you may grind some off the front by the working face to give the graver flexibility (like the flat graver).  Then you hone it;  carefully insert it into the handle and give the working face a final polish.  Gravers are used to cut out metal or shape wax.

4.  I annealed, rolled, reannealed, rolled some more…..  and finally cut up this copper so that I can make my hens (see #4 on left list).  This may not seem very exciting, and believe me it was not, but it is all part of the process.  The first steps to pieces of jewellery are often not very interesting.

pieces of copper on firebrick
The pieces of copper (at their final thickness) are resting on the firebrick that I annealed them on.

5. I made this bracelet, from scratch I might add.  I like designing and making chain.  This will have a cast charm added on in order to fulfill #3 (on the left list).

Sterling silver chain bracelet
Freshly tumbled and shiny, a chain bracelet on my bench rag.

I am hoping to accomplish a couple of other things on the list during the remainder of the week.  On the bright side, I did get all of my gemsetting homework done (a gypsy setting and the gravers).  Yeah!  As well, I spent a great deal of time today “emery”ing a bunch of cast pieces so that I can enter them into the Craft Show.  That is a time consuming job and really doesn’t yield any interesting photos until the end when they look all shiny and pretty!  I also set the enamel pendant, but it needs to be tidied before show and tell.

So, all in all, a good stab at “THE LIST”.

Hope you are well; and accomplishing things on your list(s)!


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  1. Val – looks like you have been busy! I love the bracelet, awesome work. How do you like using that casting house? Needing to be in touch with one myself this spring, hopefully one with a CAD program to help with design work. I have a LONG list as I prep my new studio space, should come together by mid-May. I’d love to see the copper hens when they’re done! Keep creating :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Emmy! I like HL, they seem like good people, and they make nice cold moulds. I’m not sure if they offer CAD services, though. I can’t wait to see what flows out of your new studio!

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