The Stump

A studio needs a stump.  Somehow, that sounds like an opener to a corny joke!

Two summers ago, a very old cherry tree fell in the property adjacent to our backyard.  Once it was all cut up I realized this was a once in a life time opportunity to get a good hardwood stump.  My new stump sat in the garage for a whole year – I wanted any bugs to move out and it to dry out completely before I started to use it.  I nearly lost the stump ’cause SW thought it was for the firewood pile (yikes!).

So, finally, this past summer I reorganized the studio and found a place of honor for my stump.  Unfortunately I realized when I went to move it that it was too short!  This wasn’t good because you don’t want to bend over too far to use it.  We had some offcuts from a deck that we built in the back, so I built a stand for the stump.  I found out why hardwood is called hardwood, but I made it work.

But, that’s not the end of the story…  After I placed the stump in my studio (and let me say, I am darn proud of that stump and it’s stand), the youngest cat, Hoppy, decided that I had kindly built him the perfect cat cave.

hind end of Hoppy under stump
Hoppy going into his cat cave.
front end of cat under stump
Hoppy resting in his cat cave.
He really thinks he's hiding in his cave!

The funny part for me is that as soon as I open the door to go into the room, he dashes in and goes straight under there.  Since they’re not allowed in the room with out me, he thinks I won’t notice him when I go to leave!

head shot of cat under stump
He's so darn cute, but not very bright.

Bringing you a little bit of cuteness,


PS. I listed the Tidal Pool ring on Etsy today.

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