Hands, or more specifically a finger

I was thinking about hands on the way home last night.  Hands really are the ultimate tools of the trade for a jewellery designer/maker, no matter what the medium you use.  There are some tools to help you if one of your hands is out of commission but your productivity goes WAY down.

It is fall “break” at school this week; and I use break in the loosest way – we have lots of work to do, of course.  So, I was in the studio yesterday working on a prototype for a ring I have to make for Projects C (I’ll tell you more later).  Anyway, mid-afternoon it happened – I slipped with a drill and drilled my finger!  OW!  Unfortunately my first reaction was to shake my hand (why do I do that when I hurt it – there must be some evolutionary reason for that reaction), so I ended up with blood everywhere.  Slightly gory, but funny in hindsight.

my hand with band-aid on index finger
My boo-boo, in all it's glory...

Luckily, I’m left handed, and as you can see it is on my right index finger.  On the downside, I am a touch typist (so it hurts to blog), and so many other things are for the right index finger, like the button on the camera.  When I actually looked at my hands I noticed I’ve done something to the left hand too…

left hand with scratch
Now, how did I get that scratch?

My hands have taken alot of abuse over the years: I’ve been bitten numerous times by many species (see the about me section), I’ve been scratched by many cats, had hawk talons in my fingers, cut myself many times while making dinner, pared the base of my thumb once (that left a real big scar), cut myself with the rose pruners, stabbed myself many times with a needle, etc., etc…  Maybe I should stop while I’m ahead!!

The goldsmith who is teaching us Jewellery Repairs told us that, when he was young, he always thought his eyes would be the first thing(s) to go.  Now he knows it is actually his fingers and his back.  I guess I’m starting that process!!

Hope your fingers are well,


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