What a glorious day!  This kind of weather reminds me of times past, when S and I would take our vacation in the fall and go on a road trip!

Since I’m up to my eyeballs in homework, there’s no time for a road trip right now.  So, we took a short drive to enjoy the pumpkins on display close to home (and to buy a few!).  I LOVE pumpkins!  I don’t really know why – it’s an irrational like.  I don’t really like the color orange and would hardly ever choose to make a piece of jewellery with orange.  I wouldn’t ever wear orange either.  However, orange suits pumpkins and pumpkins suit orange!  Plus, I just love saying the word: PUMPKIN!

I guess it’s official now, I’m a little crazy (!)… for pumpkins….  Here are a few pictures of the trip and the collection we brought home.  We have big plans for them, so there may be future updates.

large number of pumpkins laid out for sale
The pumpkin's picnic in the orchard.
close up of pumpkins on display
Pumpkins on display
5 pumpkins
5 pumpkins safely secured in the trunk for the ride home!
lots of pumpkins by a red barn
On the way home I spotted this big grouping and took a paparazzi shot, through the car window.
pumpkins on porch by cactus
The pumpkins arrived home safely and are temporarily resting on the porch, by the cactus.
a close up of the pumpkins on the porch
Quite a variation of orange in these pumpkins.
gray pumpkin
A gray pumpkin gifted to us from our friends! Very snazzy!

Hope you are well, and enjoying the day as well!  Hopefully, there are some pumpkins involved (even if just as pies!).

Thankfully yours,


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