Three things… that have been on my mind.

I need to say these three things, ’cause they’re taking up room!

1.  I was walking past a very large grocery store (why is another story, and does not involve groceries) and there was a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk by the door.  He was singing for money, which really isn’t that unusual.  What is unusual is that he had a fabulous singing voice.  I mean he could have easily been a recording artist; and for all I know he was.  It really gives you a reason to think about choices and circumstances.

2. I know it was 2 weeks ago, but the appearance of Jupiter really was something special.  I had read in the paper that it was going to be in a good position for us to see, so I was keeping an eye to the sky.  On the night of the fall equinox, with the full moon pointing the way, we were able to see Jupiter very well.  It was very obvious due to it’s brightness.  When we looked at it through my binoculars we could see 3 (!) moons!  How amazing is that!

I really feel that was a special treat from the universe to have witnessed.  I understand that Jupiter won’t be in a position for us to see well for another 19 years.  As well, I don’t know if I will ever see the full moon on the equinox with Jupiter in my lifetime again.

3. I love flowers, and especially sunflowers.  For some reason I never grow them, but I love going to the farmers market in the fall and buying a bunch.  These were the most recent beauties who brought joy and light to the house.

the vase of sunflowers
The bunch of sunflowers, fresh from the market.
close up of sunflower
What a nice face...
closer shot of sunflower bunch
One of the things I like about sunflowers is their unruly vase behaviour!

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that Van Gogh is one of my all time favorite artists.  One of my dreams is to go to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.  One day….

Hope you are well!


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