Ooooo, So Pretty……. 3 jewellery artists for your perusal!

Every so often, I’ll try to bring some artists that I think are great to your attention.  They may not always be jewellery artists, but today they are!!  These artists are a few of the ones that I have come across when researching projects for school.

1.  Lisa Hawthorne:  What I love the most about her jewellery is the COLOUR!  Lisa makes pieces using enamel to bring  colour into her designs.  Specifically she uses the technique of cloisonné; which she describes a little on her website (or if you want to know more, here is an overview).

2.  Linda Kindler Priest:  I am in awe of her pieces, they are so fabulous.  She uses a technique called repousse to bring to life birds, animals and insects.  She doesn’t specifically mention her materials on her website, however the gold appears to be high karat.   Not that it matters to me, but I’m sure the rich color just enhances the beauty of the designs.  Imagine how you’d feel with one of those beauties on your lapel!!

3.  Sharon M Donovan: The quality I like about her pieces is that she combines seed beads with precious metals, often in designs that are technically challenging.  Of course, it goes with out saying they’re beautiful too!!

Hope you like the eye candy.

Maybe you have a favorite jewellery artist that you’d like to share..???  Come on spill…..


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