Back to School….

Yes, it is back to school for me.  This is my third and last year.  Since people have asked about the program, I thought I would try to sum it up for you.

I am going to George Brown College, which is in Toronto.  My program is at the Casa Loma campus which means a lot of commuting, but that’s another story (and a pretty boring one, too).  The school offers three jewellery programs and one gemmology one.  It has been running these programs for over 35 years, certainly the longest in Canada.  In Canada this is really the only way to get the comprehensive goldsmithing skills, as opposed to Europe where they have an ancient tradition of apprenticing.

When I was looking into the program initially I thought I might take the 2 year “Jewellery Methods” diploma, but after going to an information session and talking to the better half about which one to take, I applied to the 3 year program.  The “Jewellery Arts” diploma has an added focus of design skills, as well as the technical goldsmithing skills.  Obviously, they liked what they saw in my portfolio and application; and here we are 2 years into it!

The last two years have been a lot of work, but I sure have learned a lot!  I’m kind of looking forward to diving in on Tuesday.  There’s some caution because I know it is going to be a ton of studio time; but of course this means we’ll be learning and practicing lots.

I’m going to try to remember to take many pictures when I’m in the studio, so that I can show you what we are up to.  It’s hard, when you are in the thick of it, to remember anything else other than the deadline looming!

silver triangle pendant, arrow and shell silver castings, silver rings and brass box with lid
These are a few of the projects from 1st year; sterling silver castings of a shell and arrow, silver rings, brass box, practice brooch, and sterling triangular "bird" pendant.
sterling silver locket, brass and gold box catches, and foxtail bracelet
A few of the projects from 2nd year Industry Skills; a sterling hinged locket, box catches - the brass model and the very small (!) 10K gold required version, and a sterling foxtail bracelet.

Well, let the fun begin….

Keep learning,


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