Barefoot sandals for Sally!

I belong to a group called “Beaders without Borders” on fb.  It was started, and is curated, by my friend Julie.  Every so often Julie puts out a call to the group to participate in a swap.  Most often, due to my school commitments I don’t have the time to participate.  However, last summer I did a necklace swap which was fun; and this year I was able to take part in the barefoot sandal swap.

Julie put our names in a hat and made the swap partner list.  Then we all set about to design and make a pair of barefoot sandals for our “send to” partner (which is the person who comes after you on the list).  Anyway, time passed and it became apparent that my partner would not be participating.  This isn’t too much of a drag for me, but it sure was to her “receiving partner”!!  Funnily enough, her “receiving” partner was Sally – the person I made this necklace for last swap!

necklace made for Sally, st. petersburg chain and pearl flower
The necklace I made for Sally during last summer's swap.

After consulting with Julie, we bumped our lost partner off the list and I became Sally’s partner.  Apparently she was happy with this arrangement since she is familiar with my work!  Of course, this made me feel all the more pressure!!  Sally told me she is an earth tone kind of gal, but my design sense kept wandering to colour palettes of the ocean, or the beach.  I think it was the barefoot sandal theme, I just kept imagining how nice it would be to be wandering along a sandy beach with the warm ocean gently lapping the shore.  Ah well….

I buckled down and picked a colour scheme that made my senses sing and hopefully fulfills Sally’s criteria!  I designed a mandala for Sally using right angle weave.  I hope they bring a smile to her face and put her in a peaceful frame of mind.

loose seed beads and the beginnings of the barefoot sandals
The beginnings of the first mandala.
First mandala finished with toe loop
The first mandala finished, with the toe loop.
the two mandalas with toe loops
A twin has appeared!
The finished barefoot sandals
The finished barefoot sandals waiting to be mailed.

I put them in the mail the same day I finished them, and Canada Post is saying they are at her post office!  Hopefully, there will be more sunny summer days this year for Sally to enjoy her gift!

All in all a fun process…. now I can’t wait to get my sandals!!

Hint, hint……….

Until next time, keep creating!!


5 Responses to Barefoot sandals for Sally!

  1. Oh Valerie, they’re GORGEOUS!!! Absolutely beautiful! Sally must LOVE THEM!
    I do love organizing the swaps, but this last one really kicked my butt. I had a LOT of participants simply ignore any queries form their partners, or go completely MIA. As an organizer of such events, the difficult part is that all participants come back to me with the issues at hand, and then I get a little overwhelmed. LOL! Ah well, that’s what being a “Den Mother” is, right? 😉

    I’ve taken on a second swapee, since HER partner flaked out. Oh, and my friend Val has YET to send me her mailing address so I can send her HERS… HINT! HINT! ;p

  2. Julie: I know, it’s too bad really that it can end up that way. People should just be up front when it turns out they can’t participate, maybe they are embarrassed. Life happens to everyone – as we both well know! Oh well, they missed out.

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