End of season garden

Alright, its not really the end of the season as far as I am concerned.  As well, my garden usually has something in bloom until the end of October; but this has been a very strange growing year.  There are signs that we are coming to the end of the cycle though: my Autumn flowering clematis is out, the mums are coming out and the milkweed is ready to burst.

My garden has been a lot of work over the years (with more to come).  It’s also been an experiment in shape, color, form, scent and xeriscaping.  It is a form of art to me.  Here are a few from the cast of characters:

single flower of autumn flowering clematis
Autumn flowering clematis - very highly scented and LOVES my garden.
white rose of sharon bud
Rose of Sharon bud, ready to open.
Ironweed flowers
Ironweed flowers. What a great form! This unusual perenial grows to over 8' tall every year!
globe thistle seed heads
Globe thistle seed heads - I love this plant, but unfortunately it never has been very happy in my garden.
close up of Bluebeard flowers
Close up of Bluebeard flowers, another great form!
blanket flowers with small butterfly
The last of the Blanket flowers with a small butterfly!
last of the blanket flowers with honey bee
While I was photographing the flowers and the butterfly, this honey bee came and chased the butterfly away! Drama in the garden!
milkweed pods
Milkweed pods, what great form.... imagine using the hammers to get that shape!

There is a certain kind of peace I find in the garden.  It certainly allows your mind to wander down some creative paths, along with filling your senses.

By the way, if you like some Autumn flowering clematis – I have lots of volunteers who would like to come to your home!

Hope you’ve been outside to breathe the fresh air today…


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